A Million Little Pieces
Pages 1 – 105
James Frey

The rain on the plastic roof made conversation awkward. I read because it was more interesting than human interaction.
Lana changed positions so that her head was hanging off the end of the bed closest to Pierre, her breasts dangling in front of him.
He got up to get some wine.
Where’d you get this wine?
She got it. Lana pointed to me. In San Marcos.
I peeked out the side of my book to be polite. San Marcos, yeah.
This is good wine.
I nodded. Returned to my book.
Can I try some?
She never wants to drink unless there is a strong possibility she will wind up with a guy.
The leak in the roof of our too-expensive hotel drips on to her bed again.
Again! She huffs loudly. I can’t sleep here!
Push the bed over.
She huffs loudly.
Pierre isn’t getting the hint. I think to pop over my page and tell them Why don’t you guys go to Pierre’s bed? but I think the annoyance in my voice might come through so I don’t.
I’m going to go the bathroom. I clearly wanna take a shower.
Please get up and leave with her. Please get up and leave with her.
A shower.
He gets up.


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