Faust: Part One translated by Randall Jarrell
Outside the City Gate – Auerbach’s Cellar in Leipzig
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

They are loud outside her room. Her curtains closed, they see her outline with the light of her study. It seems, in adulthood, she retreats to be alone. Conversation in groups tires, and she knows not how to escape it with grace. For this, she avoids it. For shyness also, which we’ve learned is fear manifest.
When she sneezes she feels ashamed, suddenly revealed. How long has she been this way. She zips her coat in hopes of silencing herself. It is not that she detests anyone, or she does, to have mentioned it in the beginning. “I love that you are so nonjudgmental,” her lost love said, and she felt the weight of her mission


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