Let’s Call it Love

Fjords vol. 1:
“What Would Kill Me” to “Terrible Deer”
Zachary Schomburg

Let’s Call it Love
Under here I am a princess with a huge head. Veiled, I am the world’s mascot. I am naked under the veil, but only if my naked body is something I enjoy looking at in the mirror. The veil protects me, but also it is very beautiful. Beauty is important. For the world. So a veiled, good-to-look-at body walking around amongst normal people is a positive service, like the way murals increase a neighborhood’s happiness levels. I want no one to touch me, or whistle, or say anything at all. Only look and feel something nice. When I lift the veil, then come. Come naked so that we feel all of each other, our whole bodies pressed together, every inch, all at once.


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